Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tuesday + {Day Fifteen: Barcelona}

Beach day! Today we shamelessly slept in, then walked to the beach where we spent all day lounging in rented beach chairs. Six euro for a chair for the whole day. Best deal ever. While we lounged, I tore through the remaining 300-odd pages of The Adventures of Kalavier and Clay. It was sad, but good.

After a good amount of lounging, we took turns taking a dip in the Mediterranean. The water was clear, deep, and free of jellyfish. (I have a long-lasting grudge against jellyfish, due to a traumatic childhood event.) I would’ve spent more time in the water, but I got a little more sun than I originally thought I had, and the salt in the water stung.

After the beach we hit up the farmacia for some aloe, then went home to rest for a bit before dinner. We wanted to go out for tapas and then find somewhere to dance, but since our internet wasn’t working and we weren’t sure where to go on a Tuesday night, we went out to tapas, split a picture of cava sangria, and called it an early night.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but our shower is broken in our place. Freezing cold and the shower head which won’t stay on the wall sprays everywhere and floods the bathroom and living room hallway.


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