Sunday, October 6, 2013

Friday + {Day Eighteen: Milan}

Since Sarah and Shannon wanted to see Venice, they took an early train to the city for the day. Gooligan and I considered taking a day trip ourselves. Richard had some tempting suggestions. But we decided to just walk around the city and see the sights.

Richard gave us a lot of amazing pointers. We ate at this bakery, then went and saw the castle--beautiful, but not as castle-y as we expected. Then we went to the aquarium. Then more walking and a fiasco where we couldn't figure out where to eat lunch. We eventually chose this place with a HUGE line. Food was fabulous! Stuffed pastries with ricotta and spinach.

After lunch we went back to the Duomo and sat in the pews and had a wonderful, long conversation.

Then since I absolutely had to get gelato we did! So good.

When we got back to Richard's, he was making a painting for his boyfriend. We sat and talked to him, had some wine, and helped him peel some vegetables for dinner. His boyfriend arrived just before dinner and we had a lovely chat with them. Several of their friends (mostly neighbors in the complex) stopped in and soon there was a great lively dinner party going on!

Unfortunately Shannon and Sarah's train was delayed coming back from Venice, so they were quite late to the party (literally), but they didn't miss all the festivities. A bunch more wine later, and we stopped in at another neighbor's for awhile, before we all headed home around two in the morning.

Not necessarily a lot to see in Milan, but the people we met were amazing, warm, and friendly, so I'm glad that we started our trip to Italy off on the right note.


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