Monday, October 7, 2013

Saturday + {Day Nineteen: Monterosso}

We took an early taxi to the train station today in time to catch our train to Cinque Terre! Cinque Terre is a group of five beautiful Italian coastal villages interconnected via the train, hiking paths, and a ferry. We stayed in Monterosso, the village best known for its sandy beach. The Airbnb we stayed at is run by a woman who works at a focaccia place; for breakfast, we received free focaccia and coffee or fresh-squeezed orange juice or hot chocolate.

We arrived in Cinque Terre around midday; by the time we found the focaccia place, got our keys, and dropped our stuff off, we were starving. We decided to head out to find something to eat, but ran into two problems: (1) absolutely nothing is open that early (it was maybe 5:30 or 5:45) and (2) it began to rain. By the time we reached “old town” (about .6 miles away) we were thoroughly soaked. Our clothes were plastered to our bodies.

Since nothing was open, we decided to stop in at a wine bar that served appetizers, too. We split some delicious bread—Gooligan and I ordered smoked swordfish which was amazing—and then about an hour later we moseyed over to an actual restaurant in “new town” (near where we were staying).

It’s interesting in Italy because all the restaurants have a sitting charge of around two euro but they all also stuff you with free bread at the beginning of the meal, so it balances out in a way. Aside from breakfast at the train station eons ago and our appetizers, we hadn’t eaten all day, so we stuffed ourselves on pasta.

Then after dinner we headed home, where I immediately fell asleep, only to wake up about an hour or two later with the worst stomachache. After a miserable night, I fell asleep early in the morning.


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