Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday + {Day Twenty-One: Rome}

After another focaccia run, we headed off to the train station to catch our train to Rome! Well, first we had to catch a train to La Spezia, the main train station near Cinque Terre. After we got there, we had about an hour and a half, so we went down the street for lunch.

The woman was very nice and I had meat ravioli—her favorite dish! Then we went back to the train station and caught our connection to Rome. About five minutes into our trip, this man sat down in the aisle of the train and stared at us in our compartment. We were very unnerved and after several bad looks/comments, Gooligan pulled the curtain shut. He immediately yanked it back open, after which Gooligan went out into the hall and yelled at him to leave us alone. We had to endure another half hour or so of him, but eventually he got off the train, and this nice couple from South Africa sat down next to us, and we had a really great conversation with them about our respective travels. It was so cool to hear about their life and one of the most relevant parts of our conversation, I think, was to hear how unstable their currency was. It put the issue of our currency dropping slightly during our trip in a larger perspective.

The takeaway of today, though, is definitely the fact that I am so grateful to know (and be traveling with) three very forceful, confident, strong women. So many men out there think they can get away with crude, oppressive behavior because they think that women won’t push back, but we will and we can.

After our experience on the train, we decided to get a taxi to our next Airbnb instead of the tram. It was a short trip and our host was waiting for us at the apartment. It's another apartment being leased, so we don't have a "host" living with us here either, but the apartment is lovely and within walking distance of a grocery store and a cheap bakery!

Gooligan cooked dinner for us (because she's amazing!) and we ate outside on our wonderful eight-stories-up balcony! A load of laundry later, and it's time to do a little FaceTiming of my parents and then bed!


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