Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday + {Day Nine: London}

This morning, Rita fed us the "typical English breakfast" promised on her profile on Airbnb. Gooligan and I were unprepared, to say the least. Round one was cereal, jam, orange juice, tea, and toast. Round two was sausage, bacon, an egg, a piece of English muffin, a another piece of regular toast--all of which was fried in butter. Round three was more toast.

After breakfast, we talked to Rita a lot and Gooligan helped her change the duvet covers to prepare for Sarah and Shannon's arrival. Then we watched the news while we waited for them to call.

The moment they called, we leapt into the car and sped over to the train station to meet them. It's so exciting to see Shannon and Sarah after having planned this trip for so long together!

After giving them a few moments to settle in, we took the underground to Piccadilly Circus (a part of London really close to a lot of museums/statues/monuments, etc.) and found a delightful restaurant to eat at. Pretty great food and reasonably priced.

Gooligan and I split another salad/sandwich comb and the sandwich was so delicious, with avocado and really thick mozzarella cheese.

After dinner, we called it an early night and headed home to get some rest, since we have a lot we want to pack into our last day in England! The good news is that I think Gooligan and I understand the underground system now!


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