Monday, September 30, 2013

Saturday + {Day Twelve: Paris}

We had already decided a long time ago to invest in a two-day Paris museum pass. For 39 euro each, we get access to sixty museums and can skip lines at many of them. You can’t see 60 museums in two days, of course, but even just three or four museums makes the pass worth it—especially if it helps you skip any lines, which ours did. It also lets you go to a museum and then leave and go back if you get hungry or accidentally leave (true story).

After a lazy morning (it took us awhile to get our stuff together), we headed off on the metro to find the Louvre. Using a Rick Steves guidebook, we figured out where to buy our passes and also found an entrance to the Louvre where we didn’t have to wait in line at all.

We swung by Mona Lisa, then spent the rest of our time at the Louvre just kind of popping in on whatever exhibits people wanted to see. Gooligan got to see her favorite painting again (of a girl floating in a lake with a halo over her).

I really love statues and even ditched the group for a moment to hike over to a different area to see the statue of Venus on display. While the bodies sculpted are incredible with their realism, what are most impressive to me are the statues with wings; the sculptors’ ability to create these thin detailed wings out of marble is unbelievable.

On our way out of the Louvre, we stopped to take photos by the pyramid. They had these blocks people can stand on and then put their hand out and pretend to touch the top of the pyramid. We each snapped a picture, which took a few minutes, considering that you had to have someone else tell you how to move your hand just right. They are some of my favorite photos of our trip so far, though.

After the Louvre, we popped into the Orsay museum, this amazing collection of Impressionist art, among other things. Shannon loves the impressionists and I am really glad we got to see them!

We stopped to eat dinner and were planning on swinging by Notre Dame, but it closed earlier than we expected. So instead we walked through the park and took pictures of us posing like the various statues we passed. Best impromptu moment of our trip.


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