Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday + {Day Seven: Dublin}

After a great day in Sligo, we came home to find someone else in our apartment. We were told that the other people were going to check-out that morning. But I definitely almost walked in on someone asleep in the other room when I was exploring the new place. It was an unsettling experience needless to say. We had no problem sharing the place, since our last place was shared, but we just had no idea who the other people were. Anyway, whoever it was, they were gone in the morning, which was a little frustrating because the property manager never gave us the wifi password and I had hoped we could snag it from the other guests before they left.

I got up early to work on homework, blog entries, and uploading pictures. We’re using four devices to take pictures, so making sure we check-in periodically and reconcile our trip is important.

Then Gooligan fixed us some breakfast: scrambled eggs and bread and cream cheese, while I threw some clothes in the wash. The house was completely lacking in any oil or salt whatsoever, though. If Gooligan and I were in charge of hosting someone, we’d provide some basic seasonings minimum.

Since we had no internet, we hung up our clothes to dry and we walked towards downtown. On our way, we stopped to get some tea and deli chicken for lunch and checked our emails (in the hope that our property manager had emailed us back with the wifi password). He hadn’t, so we caught the bus the rest of the way downtown and got off at the bus station to get some more free wifi. We posted some photos, I updated my blog, and we got in touch with my best friend from fourth grade, Liz, who we’re on our way to see right now! It’s been twelve years since we’ve seen each other!

After our stop at the bus station, we ventured to a Guinness shop to buy some souvenirs for my brother.

Then we headed home. The buses here are so confusing. The fares are dependent on how long your journey is but there is no reliable way to figure that out without calculating it via their online app (no help to us since we’re offline on our phones 99% of the time) or asking the bus driver. And then you have a million people in line behind you, waiting impatiently as you dig out an odd assortment of coins from your tiny coin purse, peering at each one, since you’ve used three different types of currency in the last week and are not sure what each one is worth yet.

For better or worse, it turned out that we now had the apartment to ourselves! Gooligan fixed us a feast: bread, soup, couscous, and more scrambled eggs. After we ate, we packed up our still-damp clothes, curled up, watched some television, and went to bed, after setting about a million alarms for five in the morning the next day.


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