Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday + {Saying Goodbye}

Tonight, Gooligan, our wonderful roommate Maddi, and I are throwing a goodbye potluck. AKA a housecooling party. Our apartment is striped bare, but decorated beautifully, thanks to Gooligan's hard work. Boxes are piled high in every corner. The cake is baked. (A delicious graham cracker whole wheat and lime cream cheese frosting, courtesy of my favorite cupcake blog, Ming Makes Cupcakes.)

The last time this apartment looked so bare was the day we moved in two years ago. My dad helped us assemble our IKEA bed frame as we ate Chinese take-out. 

It's so easy to say hello. To reach out and meet new people. Establish friendships. When you don't have an end date in mind, it seems like time stretches forever, syrupy and light.

But saying goodbye, that's hard. For two years, this two-bedroom apartment has been our home. Our base as we've grown into the people we are now.

I've met so many people in Bellingham and had so many wonderful experiences. But many of my friends have also moved on already--graduated and waltzed off into their next big adventures. Or they've just moved here and are putting down some temporary roots. It doesn't matter. The point is, I'm so proud of all of these people. They're living life, stretching themselves.

I read an article recently that one of my friends posted on Facebook: 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself. The article urges people to "stop thinking you're not ready." If an opportunity is right, it'll feel scary. Because if you're already comfortable, then you're really not pushing yourself far enough.

This is the number one thing I'm keeping in mind as we prepare for our trip, our move, and our uncertain future.

Whether we're still here, just arriving, or getting ready to leave, we all have a ton of growing still to do. Who doesn't? But with so many adventures lined up and yet to come, I'm sure we'll get there some day!

In the meantime, we'll eat cake and see a few friendly faces one last time before we pack up on Saturday and make the big move.

Gooligan cooked a delicious feast for our last dinner as roommates!


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